The number of items that were infused with CBD have completely exploded in the wellness market today. With the sheer number of products that have hit the marketplace, it puts consumers in a very interesting position. With the massive amount of CBD Vape oil, hemp oil, and other products, it can be tough to verify the quality and the nature of each product. CBD truly is the latest gold rush and health products.

According to testing on CBD products, there has been a wide range of misrepresented products in the past. What separates many products in this market is the verified results that third-party lab testing can deliver. The cost of third party lab testing can often come as an added expense to many distributors and manufacturers. In order to capture consumer trust and to deliver a better product, using third party lab testing can verify the quality of CBD in a product and make sure that consumers are only supporting businesses that are producing CBD products verified for their purity.

Third-party testing establishes transparency and it’s a signal that a brand cares about the end-user experience. CBD consumers are often taking these products to manage the symptoms of serious conditions like MS or ongoing symptoms of pain, making sure that verifiable results can be achieved can be especially important in these cases.

If you are going to be taking any type of CBD based product, it remains essential to check for third party lab testing on the label. This will verify the results of the components and ensure that the product can be effective for use without psychoactive effects.

Taking any product that is not lab-verified could be a risk for it containing components like THC or extremely low concentrations of CBD extracted via chemical means.

This post was written by Flo Sugyatno, operations manager of PureMed and CBD Expert. At PureMed we are a CBD store in Washington DC. We know that the best product comes from the best ingredients. That’s why we only use local, non-GMO ingredients that are grown without pesticides! We Produce Worry-Free CBD.


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