In this modern world, people are more conscious to maintain their fashion trends starting from costume to jewelry choice. Although the trends keeps on changing but people do not change the habit of having piercing. The term piercing might confuse most of the people but in true facts piercing is nothing but a process of pushing the needle through part of body and remove small tissues from body. Often people do piercing is to wear insertion jewelleries in most of the case the piercing is done on ears. On other hand piercing has some effects when they done continuously on same spot or based on body condition the effects may get differed. There may be several effects such as reddish, swelling or piercing infections to all such effects the only remedy is piercing healing. Moreover, there are some specific instructions for healing stretches and gauges for ears due to piercing process. Here are some instructions listed below to have stretch piercing.

  • You need to wash hands before touching piercing, apply Emu oil on front and back around one perimeter where you need to have stretch and do massage on that regions.
  • When emu oil is applied it makes the region warm enough try to compress the piercing quite some minutes. Then wash the stretched area using glycerin soap let them to dry, and then apply two to three drops of jojoba oil on front and back side of piercing.
  • After this you can have gentle sliding using stretching taper while doing so if your skin turns white ring around jewelry it is better to stop till stretching taper slides with stretch.
  • When you do this process on continuous manner it would heal entire body especially it heals all stretches on ear and make them ready for piercing.

While doing all above process you need to careful in healing stretches on ears if it is done too fast there are chances for getting bleedings.

Tips to be followed after having stretched piercing:

The care should not be taken only before piercing just for having stretches even after piercing process and there are some instructions should be followed which are listed below.

Step 1: as a first step after having new stretched piercing people should wash them two times in a day using glycerin soap. This would help them to keep piercing clean by removing all dirt and other substance. Moreover people should ensure that soap used to clean should not be used by others if not that may cause infection to piercing.

Step 2: you can also try soaking piercing for maximum 5 minutes in a warm sea salt solution twice in day that is half spoon of sea salt is mixed in warm water.

Step 3: after doing that have a habit of massaging the area with 2 to 3 drops of jojoba oil around the area of stretched piercing two times in a day.

While doing all these process you need to ensure that you wash your hands properly in order to avoid your piercing gets infected if it does it is better to consult a doctor regarding gauges for ears and piercing infections.