These days, CBD oil has been made legal and can always be sold in many countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and many others. Usually, most CBD contains THC, which is a psychoactive substance always less than 0.2%.

People although perceive this oil as having certain medicinal properties that include offering relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety, but there is no clinching scientific evidence available.

Manufacturers are therefore avoiding any strict regulations that are generally imposed on medicinal products and prefer to sell most CBD food supplements and ignoring all the lengthy process needed to get a medicinal license.

You can get CBD products in many forms and among the most popular ones is CBD oil – which is generally sprayed under the tongue by users or any gel tablets that melt down slowly in the mouth.

Cannabis oil is a little different from CBD oil as it contains THC which can give users a ‘high’ will be considered illegal in the UK. Cannabis oil has got no side effects, can influence the release of ‘feel-good’ chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.

You can however buy CBD tincture online from the store of JustCBDstore, which is considered an authentic source for obtaining genuine CBD-based products.

CBD regulations in the UK

If you want to understand the regulation on CBD in the UK, then you must take a little closer look at cannabidiol and also its origins. Most of the CBD present in CBD oils that are available on the market of the UK mainly obtained either from ‘Industrial hemp’ that is also called by its another name i.e. Cannabis sativa or some other Cannabis plant strains.

Industrial hemp historically has been cultivated to obtain its fiber for its use in paper, clothing, and construction. Now recently, partly because of better information about its safety and other therapeutic properties, these days industrial hemp is cultivated for making CBD to be used as food, food supplements, or vape products.

Although, CBD is now given legal status in the UK, however, the picture is a little more complicated than what we can see. Let us see all the laws and regulations in the UK surrounding CBD.

1.Importing CBD

If no THC is detected then there is no restriction in the UK while importing CBD

2.Selling CBD

It will depend on which product category:

  • Cosmetics will need Cosmetic Product Safety Report.
  • Vape products must comply with the regulation of non-nicotine e-liquid
  1. 3CBD flowers

CBD flowers or buds are prohibited even if their THC level is below 0.2%.

4.CBD food/food supplements

After 13th February 2020, any new products will need a certain Novel Food application. All products before this date will need an application for approved novel food before 31st March 2020.


To apply for any type of license related to CBD/hemp will require significant time, capital, and resources.

6.Selling CBD

If you want to sell in any other EU markets then each state has its own different laws on CBD, which is even more strict.

Therefore, any business with CBD will need expert advice to navigate various local laws.

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