Yes, the pandemic is hard for us all. You can’t go out for your favorite meal or watch a movie in the theatre, and you even have to take care of cleaning the house, cooking food and make sure the kids study! But there is someone on whom the coronavirus lockdown could be even harder – your pets!

Lockdown means everyone stays in, including the pets. Following this can be pretty hard for the 16.94 million households with dogs. Pets, especially dogs, who are stuck in the house for long periods of time can experience depression and stress. So, here are 5 tips to help you if you are wonder how to take care of your pets during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1.    Don’t Fail to Prepare

It is said that those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Well, it is true for taking care of your pets as well. Make sure you have all the supplies that your pets might need, even if you aren’t able to leave your house for a few weeks. The things on top of your list should be cleaning supplies and pet food. You can also stock up on some preventive medicines for conditions such as tick, flea, and heartworm. Also, ensure you have sufficient prescription medicines and any special diet that your pet might need.

2.    Keep Them Mentally Active

Keeping your pet physically active might be difficult at this time. But you can still ensure that they receive regular mental exercise. For this, you can consider getting a treat dispenser or some puzzle toys. These things can go a long way in keeping your pet active and occupied. You can also try training your pet for activities that do not require a lot of space, such as spins and rollovers. In most cases, human interaction would be sufficient to replacethose walks outside.

3.    Solve the Potty Problem

Possibly, the biggest problem at this time is that you can’t take your pets outside for a walk so that they can relieve themselves. This is a major problem, especially for those who live in apartments. But there is no need to worry. You can easily teach your dog to relieve themselves inside the house. For this, you would have to prep like you normally do when taking your pet for a walk. Then walk your dog to the area where you want them to go potty.

4.    Don’t Overfeed

It is common for owners to overfeed their pets in stressful situations, such as the coronavirus outbreak. But this can lead to obesity and additional health problems. When feeding, remember that your pets are getting less than usual physical activity, so they might need less food too.

5.    Maintain a Structure

Just like humans, the life of pets becomes easier when there is a routine in their life. Therefore, to provide the right care to your pet, try to feed them at a fixed time. And take them to relieve themselves at the time they usually do. In case some of their normal routine has been disturbed, try to develop some new rituals.

Apart from these, it is also important that you do not pay attention to any fake news, such as transmission of the virus from dogs. This rumor has already been dismissed by the WHO.

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