The motor disability in childhood, it is a common health issue where the child and the family need support. It is a good of disorder that involves the disability to maintain the posture and a person is unable to move properly. According to the study one among 323children suffers from this disability and when we talk about some important points about cerebral palsy then it is more common in boys than girls.

It is a disability that affects black than white children. Medications and treatment are needed for this motor disability. Canadian pharmacy provides the prescribed medicines and eases the task of collecting medicines every few days. You can have all your medications at your doorsteps and in cerebral palsy sedatives and muscle relaxant is given.

The specific cause of cerebral palsy is not known, but the small percentage of cerebral palsy is due to damage of the brain and it happens after 28 days of birth. Brain damage can be due to brain infection like meningitis, or because of head injury. Sometimes some of the factors are also responsible for this motor disability. Here are few:

  • Born too early
  • Born twin or multiple births
  • Infection in mother during pregnancy
  • Having kernicterus which is a kind of brain damage when jaundice after birth is left untreated
  • Convinced with in vitro fertilization or other reproductive technology
  • Born too small

Cerebral palsy is a disorder which is mostly diagnosed during the first and second year after birth. Children suffering from cerebral palsy can walk independently and the percentage is 50%-60 %. Some of the children have the spastic cerebral palsy in which their muscles get stiff and they have a problem in walking that seems to be awkward.

Here the percentage is 75%-85%. Cerebral palsy is all related to brain function and as per the age the brain functioning and muscle functioning retards. Overtime or with age the working of the brain and muscle get affected so we can say that the cerebral palsy gets worse with age.

It is found that children suffering from CP only have physical imbalance but some level of cognitive impairment. Only 30%-40 % of children are found to be affected with cognitive impairment.

Spastic cerebral palsy is referred to have the increased muscle tone so in that case, we can say that it is the palsy where one experiences the pain. In children, the more common cause can be a head injury but when we talk about the adult cerebral palsy then they can have the premature aging. It is also seen that people also have walking and swallowing disorder. Children with severe disabilities due to disorder can die at an early age.

Cerebral palsy is a motor disorder where the patient needs the support and because of the support they can live a life without overloading of the disabilities. Medications and the therapies are important but the metal support is very much needed. So make such patients mentally strong enough to deal with physical disabilities.

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