We don’t have faith in a “one size fits all” way to deal with treatment. We treat every patient who comes here as an extraordinary individual with specific needs. For example:

They may:

  • be dependent on liquor or dependent on illicit or physician endorsed drugs
  • have dietary problems or be dependent on betting
  • have other mental issues
  • be old or youthful
  • be experts from affluent foundations
  • originate from broken families
  • have lost everything because of their fixation
  • In their past they may have:
  • lost a friend or family member and been not able to lament appropriately
  • been genuinely or explicitly mishandled
  • experienced sadness or other psychological wellness issues
  • been in a mishap or battled in war and be experiencing post-horrible pressure issue

As a result of these shifting conditions, we guarantee that the treatment plan for rehab is custom-made to those necessities. Our master collaboration recommends a customized blend of medicinal medications, specific treatments, and complementary treatments for every individual patient.

The advantages of customized addiction treatment include:

  • Directed consideration. Treatments that focus on the particular reasons for the compulsion can help later on.
  • Enduring recuperation. Escalated treatment produces results that last.
  • Fundamental abilities. Patients figure out how to adapt all the more viably and emphatically with troublesome circumstances in reality.
  • Quality consideration. Our full-time Consultant Psychiatrists, specialists, and medical attendants who give nonstop attention guarantee patients’ bodies come back to top condition.
  • Trust to assemble and a structure a stable open connection between the patient and advisor, making bunch treatment and individual treatment progressively viable.

12 essential steps:

Albeit 12 Step treatment isn’t the primary treatment gave, it is as yet integral to our restraint based model for rehab. Patients are acquainted with the Twelve Steps at a beginning time through gathering treatment and understanding materials, and patients additionally go to Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous gatherings in Edinburgh or close by towns. Patients complete the initial five stages of the Twelve Steps as inpatients, as indicated by our center treatment program.

Over this, we give restorative treatment, mental consideration, and specific treatments, for example,

  • Intellectual conduct treatment (CBT)
  • EMDR
  • Singular treatment
  • Gathering treatment
  • Injury treatment
  • Distress treatment
  • Family directing
  • Reciprocal treatments

Our reality class specialists, specialists, medical caretakers, and advisors meet routinely to examine the patient’s continuous condition and update their treatment plan as indicated by their advancement in treatment.

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