Imagine being in your hands the pill of the film “Limitless”, a tiny drug that can unlock the most hidden potential of your brain and make you able to do extraordinary things for a few hours.
The protagonist of the film used it to solve a bit ‘of problems that concerned him, and what would you do?
Try to really think about it because a drug very similar to this exists and is called “Modafinil “, even if it is marketed under the name “Provigil “.  You can buy them on
Here is the full video about modafinil:

Created to combat narcolepsy and related disorders (such as Attention Deficit Syndrome) Modafinil is also used “off-label” as an “exciting agent”.
This drug acts, in fact, in increasing the level of neurotransmitters, allowing the individual who takes it, not only to combat the feeling of drowsiness, but also to overcome the sense of fatigue and depression not due to the absence of sleep, together with ensuring other benefits.

The Modafinil acts like a super concentrated coffee, giving the possibility to those who take it, to stay awake and lucid, even in the absence of hours of sleep. A sensational discovery for all those categories of people who work or need are forced to rest only a few hours a night!

But it would not be just these benefits that this drug offers. In fact, it has been demonstrated that waklert works by improving the ability to learn, intuition, inspiration, creativity and memorization of those who use it. It is a gold mine for university students, often forced to study many concepts in a few days.
And so, especially among the universities of the United Kingdom, there was a very high percentage of students used to use it: only in the college of Oxford 1/5 of the university admitted that they had used it to face a difficult exam!
But it is right that such a drug is used at the students’ will, even outside of what is its natural destination (ie treatment of the disorder of narcolepsy)? The UK response is more negative than anything else.

Although no particular undesirable effects have been reported among those who have used the drug for a reasonable period of time, the UK university and Professor Guy Goodwin, President of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology(ECNP), have moved to condemn the Modafinil, rather than condone it. In support of this decision, medical reasons (the abuse of Modalert would give rise to an alteration of the normal sleep-wake cycle, as well as the possibility of dependence), but above all of an ethical nature: the use of the drug to outside its original destination, it would come into conflict with the traditional conception of the work of many companies. In fact, if we can already say that we live in a world where the working rhythms are really hectic, the frequent use of Modafinil would do nothing but make them even more pressing: we will spend more time at work and even less at rest, and this is against the nature.

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