The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our life. It has got many of us staying home to avoid the risk of infection. Changing times call for different measures, and one of the new routines we have adopted is wearing masks. CDC recommends wearing masks whenever in public and when taking care of patients affected by the viral infection.

With the fear of contracting the virus getting stronger among the masses, face masks are in huge demand. Though masks don’t guarantee 100% protection against COVID-19 infection, it is considered as an effective preventive measure. It serves as a physical barrier and keeps the virus and bacteria away to an extent.

Masks used:

  • Cloth mask: They are ideal for routine use whenever in public. Though, it is unlikely that cloth masks will safeguard you from microscopic viral particles. However, it prevents the oral transmission of the virus to an extent.
  • Surgical mask: It is loose-fitting and offers better protection than cloth masks. It helps to block particle droplets, sprays, and splashes containing germs. It may not protect from small particles in the air that are transmitted by a person standing in a close quarter.
  • N95 respirator: N95 masks provide the highest level of protection. They filter out 95% of small particles that are about 0.3 microns size or smaller. They are generally used by healthcare workers and those tending to COVID-19 infected patients.

There is currently a shortage of masks, and it is a good idea to purchase masks in bulk. Cloth masks are available, but if you are residing in a place more prone to the infection, then purchase one of the best N95 face masksSeveral online suppliers are featuring high-quality mask. If you are looking for face masks, check out Custom Earth Promos.

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How to handle mask shortages?

Hoarding masks isn’t the right way to tackle mask shortages. You have to learn to use them judiciously. Though masks are generally meant for one-time use, you can reuse certain masks after disinfecting them. Remember to toss them away after the inner lining gets moist, or they develop holes.

  • Cloth masks can get reused. Wash them thoroughly, dry them, and reuse them.
  • If the surgical mask is dry, place it inside a zip lock bag with desiccated gel to absorb moisture. It can be reused for up to 3 days if it isn’t torn.
  • After using N95 masks place it in a plastic container and let it stay there for 4 days. Since the virus can survive for hours on plastic and cardboard, leaving in the container for 4 days ensures that the virus doesn’t survive. When you use it for the second time after 4 days, repeat the same procedure to disinfect it and use it up to 5 times.

You can also decontaminate N95 masks with UV and VHP before reusing them. After using masks, don’t let them lying around. Dispose of N95 safely using aerosol-generating procedures. Prevent the depletion of supplies whilst staying safe from the infection.


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