From kids to adults, many people get out in the evenings and on the weekends to play sports. Whether you are going for a run or playing a game of softball, sports can keep you healthy and lets you get together with friends. However, there are times you can get hurt. Here are some ways to treat a sports injury.

Back Injury

While you can make an appointment with hillsboro chiropractic to take care of a back injury, there are additional methods you can use to take care of it. Taking ibuprofen can minimize the swelling and aid in comfort. You can stretch out the muscles to relax them or apply ice or heat to treat the muscle. Strengthening your back muscles before injury will also prevent it.

Sprains or Strains

Twisting your ankle or wrist can been painful. When this happens, you will want to put ice on it as soon as you can. You will also want to keep it elevated and rest it from activity. Wrapping it in an elastic wrap will keep it protected from further damage while reducing the swelling.


This sort of injury can be severe and must be monitored carefully. If you get a blow to the head and feel dizzy, sick to your stomach afterwards or lose consciousness, you will want to seek medical attention immediately. You can treat a minor concussion with rest and a pain reliever for a headache. More significant concussions will need medical advice.

Broken Bones

You might have hurt your arm, wrist, ankle or leg and thought it was a strain. After a couple days of no improvement, you find out the bone was broken instead. This painful form of injury will take weeks to heal. The affected limb will need to be isolated, usually in a cast. You can take anti-inflammatories for the pain. Like a sprain you will need to elevate it and let it rest.

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