Sexual satisfaction is a very essential part of sexual intercourse. Satisfying orgasms help 2 partners get attracted to each other.

Any sexual intercourse that doesn’t involve proper satisfaction to both partners can put a strain between relationships.

As women age or due to some physical disorders, their ability to have a good and satisfying sex falls.

They need to get a treatment for this problem The O-shot procedure can provide them with an effective and natural treatment with no side effects.

This procedure has shown astonishing results in many cases and helped patients regain sexual pleasure.


Its procedure is almost the same as the P-shot. Their results are also same along with their resembling names.

It was developed as a long-lasting, effective, and natural alternative to other procedures that provide temporary results.

The spot from which the blood is to be taken out is applied with a local anesthetic. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is extracted from our bodies.

It is a constituent of blood that is excised in a small amount and placed in a centrifuge machine to separate the platelets and growth proteins. These 2 components help in gaining the desired results.

Then the plasma (PRP) is injected into the spot. The platelets are used for making new vessels and repairing old ones.

This fast delivery method provides us with immediate results. Some people may start getting the effects after a few hours.

It is a completely painless procedure with 0 potential risks. Before injecting the PRP to your G-spot, a local anesthetic is necessary to be applied there as it drives a lot of the patient’s attention.


Tighter Vaginal Skin Leads To A Better Sexual Experience

It can tighten your vaginal skin due to the platelets and growth factors injected. This boosts the sexual experience for both partners.

Men’s psychology study says that they prefer a female who is young and you know virgin. It can increase your partner’s interest in you and strengthen relationships.

Vaginal Dryness And Orgasms

A dry vagina can cause much pain during intercourse. That’s why the brain directs to lubricate the vagina before sex.

A smoother sexual activity needs a better physical condition of the reproductive organs. Females stop having satisfying orgasms due to it. The O-shot procedure can help cure this problem.

A Natural And Quicker Method

The PRP which is injected as a medicine is actually derived from our own body. It doesn’t have to go through a lab.

No artificial products are needed to be mixed in it.

Instead it prefers natural products for quicker results. This also helps with reducing side effects such as allergic reactions etc.

Treatment of Lichen Sclerosis

Lichen sclerosis is the forming of thinner skin patches on the genital areas.

These are more susceptible to being torn and bled. The pain due to it reduces sexual pleasure.

The O shot procedure by Hormone Therapy Dallas provides an efficient method for its treatment.

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