A recent survey of adults 65 years and older were asked where they would rather live out the remainder of their Golden Years. Given the choice of staying in their current home or moved to an assisted living community or nursing care facility, an overwhelming 92% chose aging in place. That’s because seniors often feel a lot more comfortable and familiar in the house where they have lived a majority of their lives.

Seniors who are happy where they are residing are often a lot healthier and happier because they don’t have the melancholy feelings that come with being moved out of their home into a foreign place where they know very few people and have many of their freedoms taken from them. A lack of control over one’s own life and decisions can have a devastating effect on one’s health.

This is particularly true for senior citizens who are already feeling sad or isolated from friends and loved ones. But when an elderly adult is allowed to stay in their own home, you’re not just giving them a greater sense of purpose, higher self-esteem, but you are also ensuring that he or she is living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Safe and Secure

Elderly adults who are aging in place are often safer and more secure, because they aren’t exposed to the germs and bacteria that is typically present in environments where a group of people are gathered in close proximity. Opting instead to hire good senior home care in Pompano Beach keeps a senior in his or her home and keeps them away from increased potential for catching the flu and possibly triggering all kinds of complications from that illness.

Living in a group residence can also put a senior at risk of being neglected and having their needs ignored, whether unwittingly or otherwise, because there are so many other individuals living under one roof. Allowing for this neglect to occur may result in other health threats.

More Freedom and More Dignity

Any human being is going to feel despondent when they are stripped of their basic ability to live a life where they are in control of their own decisions. That’s why more seniors would much rather live in their homes instead of being moved into a care facility of some kind.

If an elderly adult is unable to maintain autonomy over when they can leave their home to go outside, spend time with loved ones, and decide what time they will go to bed, they can start to feel their dignity being taken from them along with their independence.

Closer Personal Connections

Friends and family are paramount for a senior to age with grace and positive health and well-being. That means living at home is far more beneficial than being moved into a group home setting. Nursing care facilities tend to impose strict rules and guidelines that must be followed by all residents, that includes when a senior can enjoy time with friends and loved ones who come to visit.

Seniors would much rather have the power to decide when they can spend time with loved ones.

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