When the testosterone hormone’s natural production decreases in the males with age, they feel less energetic and less vigorous towards their life. The sex drive lowers, and the bones in the body start to lose their strength as well. Several people are not satisfied with all these conditions prevailing in their bodies, and what they want is something to fix it.

What is testosterone therapy for men?

Testosterone therapy in men is the way of introducing this hormone into the person’s body so that he can get back to life the way he wants and that he can enjoy the special moments fully. The testosterone therapy Miami has many good centers with professional doctors who can facilitate you for the therapy and can guide you perfectly.

Who can go for this therapy?

This can only be told by the doctor who you are consulting for the therapy, and only he can tell if it is suitable for you. Certain health conditions are also to be considered when checking the feasibility of the therapy. Chronic health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases are not suitable for this therapy. So get checked by the doctor is something necessary before going for therapy.

Is there any age limit?

The age limit is not defined precisely by medical science. Still, this therapy’s condition is that this hormone’s level has to be low in the body because if the level of testosterone is not low, it is not going to affect the person correctly. But usually, the level of hormone falls only in the men that are aging.

Are there any risks or side effects as well?

Well, yes. There are several risks and side effects, and some are still under observation by scientists. Some widespread side effects of this therapy include:

  • Enlargement of the breasts
  • Reduced size of the testicles
  • Sleep apnea is getting worse.
  • Increase in the cholesterol levels
  • The decrease in the sperm count

Other than these typical side effects, there can be others depending upon the person’s specific health conditions.

Final verdict

To conclude, we would like to say that going for this therapy can be great, but consulting the doctor is something significant before that, and you should not ignore it. Discussing everything in detail with the doctor would help you decide the best.