With the growing concern of fertility because of the changing aggressive lifestyle and unhealthy food habits, more and more cases of infertility have come to light over decades, and so are the solutions. Scientists have worked a lot and have curated a few methods to bring joy to inclined parents. One such method is IUI or Intrauterine Insemination.

IUI is one of the top economical solutions in medicine for cases of infertility and female homosexual relationships. In simple terms, IUI is the process of planting washed sperm (from one’s partner or a donor) directly into the ovulating female’s uterus with the help of a non-surgical procedure. It is recommended to women who are unable to conceive because of cervical mucus problems. Usually, it won’t be the solution for women with closed/scarred fallopian tubes.

IUI is cheaper than invasive fertility treatments like IVF. However, the results are just as modest as the prices. There’s almost a 20 to 50% chance of conceiving over a few sessions of IUI treatment, which too, depends on your age and other fertility factors.

No matter how subjective this gets, there are a few things that experts suggest to take care of, in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant after an IUI treatment. Here are some of them –

  1. Avoid exercising

You can safely return to your daily routine after getting an IUI; there’s no bed rest required as such. However, take good care that you don’t end up doing strenuous exercises, as they can lead to premature contractions and further failure in implantation of the sperm.

Swimming, light yoga, and light aerobics work well, but not high cardio or jogging. Avoid cardio before IUI treatment, too. Also, remember that sex after IUI helps with implantation.

  1. Release all stress

Stress anyways in any form is bad for even general health. The stress that you encounter when coping with infertility can become a major factor in making the IUI futile. It’s better to figure out ways that help you release stress, prior to getting IUI treatment done. Common methods include watching happy movies, taking long walks or bike rides, joining a support group and spending more time with people who love and care about you.

  1. Pop prenatal vitamins

It’s very important to ensure you get all the essential nutrients, not just for a successful implantation but also for a successful pregnancy and delivery. Prenatal vitamins contain very high amounts of folic acid and iron which help in spinal development in the fetus.

  1. Eat and hydrate well

Nothing new here, this will be first advice from and for all corners of life and medicine. Maintaining a good diet will not only help in having successful implantation but also increase the chances of having a healthy baby. Eat more whole foods, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and full-fat dairy products. Also, stay healthy and toxin-free by drinking ample water. Avoid smoking or consuming alcohol in the period immediately before or after IUI treatment.

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