Surya Namaskar: The Part of Yoga and the Way of Worship of God Surya

Surya Namaskar is an train, a yogasan, and additionally it is a technique to worship God Surya in Hinduism. It may be achieved by anybody youngsters, younger and previous, women and men.’Rig Veda’ says that, “the sun is soul of the entire world sun is the only God, which bestows good health. Therefore, we should worship the sun for health and long life.”Twelve mantras of Surya Namaskar:There are twelve mantras that may be repeated in every pose of Surya Namaskar. If Surya Namaskar is carried out whereas repeating these mantras one can obtain nice advantages.These mantras are:

Om Mitraya Namah

Om Ravaye Namah

Om Suryaya Namah

Om Bhanave Namah

Om Khagaya Namah

Om Pushnaya Namah

Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah

Om Marichaye Namah

Om Adityaya Namah

Om Savitre Namah

Om Arkaya Namah

Om Bhaskaraya Namah
Means of performing Surya Namaskar:Surya Namaskar is accomplished after assuming the next twelve postures:

Stand whereas becoming a member of each arms and each ft. The heels ought to be united whereas the toes ought to be aside. Head, neck, and physique ought to be in a single line. Breathe usually.

Whereas inhaling, carry the arms and bend them backward. Withhold the breath for a while.

Whereas respiratory out bend ahead, conserving knees straight, relaxation the arms on the bottom on each side of the ft. Attempt to convey the brow involved with the knees. Withhold the breath for a while.

Relaxation the palms on the bottom. Whereas respiratory, take the left leg backward, however whereas doing so the arms shouldn’t bend at elbows. The waist ought to be straight. Carry the top and attempt to see the sky. Withhold the breath for a while.

Whereas taking the breath out, take the opposite leg behind. Be a part of each legs at ankles and toes. Convey the chin on the throat. Convey the buttocks, waist and head in a single line and do the exhalation kumbhak that’s withholding the breath after exhaling.

Whereas inhaling contact the bottom with ft, knees, chest, chin, nostril and brow. Then exhale and carry the abdomen above floor.

Whereas inhaling straightening the arms, lifting the top, assume the pose of Sarp Asana.

Now assume the pose as is given within the fifth step.

Whereas inhaling and bringing out each knees between the arms, return again to place 4.

Whereas respiratory out, go to the place three.

Whereas inhaling go to the place two.

Whereas exhaling go to the place one.
It’s one spherical of Surya Namaskar.Advantages of Surya Namaskar:

It’s a precaution towards constipation, piles, and illnesses related with respiratory.

It provides power to mind, lungs, nervous system and coronary heart.

It removes the illnesses of spinal column.

It brings peace to thoughts and improves focus.

It brings flexibility to the physique.


Youngsters under 9 years shouldn’t do Surya Namaskar.

It ought to be achieved at daybreak, dealing with east.

At first, two rounds of Surya Namaskar ought to be achieved. Step by step this may be elevated as much as 5 rounds. After doing it, there isn’t a have to do different workout routines. It ought to be achieved in an open place, or that’s ethereal. One shouldn’t breathe with mouth whereas doing it.

Throughout winter earlier than doing Surya Namaskar, the physique ought to be warmed up by rubbing it with palms.

It ought to be prevented if there may be fever or every other acute sickness.

It ought to be prevented for as much as 6 days after menstrual in girls.

It ought to be stopped after 4 months from conception. It might be began once more 4 months after supply.

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